What is USA Volleyball’s (USAV) High-Performance program?

The mission of High-Performance is to identify, train, and develop elite athletes and coaches to build a sustainable pipeline of future Olympians and Paralympians. USAV ultimately refers to the HP program as a Path to the Podium. It essentially helps USAV bridge the gap between the Senior U.S. National Teams and high potential athletes. The High Performance National Team “Pipeline” is for volleyball athletes who aspire to reach the elite level of their sport and is intended to grow the pool of talented young players who may someday compete for a spot on the U.S. National and Olympic Teams.

What’s the difference between the USAV HP program and the Aloha Region HP program?

USA Volleyball has forty regions across the US. Of these forty regions, approximately 18 run Region High Performance programs in any given year. These programs are a part of the National HP Programs, but the tryouts and summer programs are run separately. Region HP programs usually hold Region tryouts, select a team, train, and then compete at the USAV High Performance Championships. Athletes interested in participating in a USAV HP Program will need to attend a USAV HP National tryout and be selected to participate in a program. USAV HP program dates are inclusive (there are no training sessions that take place outside of the 5 – 10 day programs).

USAV wants athletes to be able to compete against top talent in the country. Depending on what program an athlete is invited to at the National level will depend if the athlete should play for the Region or USA. Below are USAV’s recommendations that can help athletes’ families make this decision:

  • If you are invited to a Regional HP program and a National HP A1 program, we recommend that you attend the A1 program. A1 National Programs put you among the very top volleyball players in the country in your age group and at the top of the USAV HP Athlete Pipeline.
  • If you are invited to a Regional HP program and a National HP A2 Invitational, we recommend that you attend the Regional HP program. Strive to participate in both the Region and A2 programs, schedule and finances permitting, as you are welcome and encouraged to attend the USAV National HP Camp at the level for which you qualified in addition to the Region program. Please see our USAV HP Programs page for more information about National HP Programs.
  • If you are invited to a Regional HP program and a National HP A3, Training, or Skills Program, we recommend that you attend the Regional HP program. You are also welcome and encouraged to attend the USAV HP Program at the level for which you qualified. Please see our USAV HP Programs page for more information about National HP Programs.
  • **If you are listed as an alternate for a program that will conflict with your Regional program invitation, please notify your Region immediately that you have been selected as an alternate for a National program (particularly at the A1 level). As team selections are typically made in the same time frame, deadlines to accept Regional and National invitations sometimes conflict. Please note that it often takes 3-4 weeks for a USAV HP National program to fill and alternates are contacted throughout that time. In most cases, your Region will be willing to compromise on a deadline that will allow alternates time to see if you are invited up to a National program from the waitlist.

More about USAV HP: https://go.teamusa.org/2RhnZyf

More about Aloha Region HP: http://bit.ly/2FhyL0c

Is it worth trying out?

It depends. Each player and family is motivated differently. If you’re ultimate goal is to play at the highest level possible one day, it’s a no brainer. But even if that isn’t your goal, there’s a case to be made for trying out and participating in one of the programs. Bullet point cases are made below.

Trying out and participating in a program could be a good opportunity to…

  • see how you stack up against peers
  • be a part of a National program
  • train with different coaches
  • play with people you might not get a chance to play with otherwise
  • represent your region
  • represent your country
  • experience playing under international rules
  • play at a high(er) level
  • see a different part of the country
  • network and build relationships

The list could go on and on but you get the idea. It’s not for everyone, but there’s a strong case for putting yourself out there!

What is the USA Volleyball High-Performance Championship?

It’s essentially a tournament that allows Regional and National HP teams to showcase their talent.

Who attends the HP championships? In 2018…

126 teams from five nations attended

U.S., Australia, Canada, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

1,900 players: Boys/Girls (13-to-18-years-old)

U.S. players are from around the country.

When and where is the HP Championships (HPC) held?

Competition Dates for 2019: July 18 – 22

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

How well do our Region teams do at HPC? In 2018…

  • 2nd Place – Boys International Division
  • 5th Place – Boys National Division
  • 1st Place – Girls Youth National Division
  • 2nd Place – Girls Select National Division



Saturday, February 9

4 – 8 PM


Sunday, February 10

9 AM – 1 PM


917 Kalanianaole Hwy
Kailua, HI 96734



Saturday, January 26th

(born 2000 and 2001)

8 AM – 10 AM

(born 2002 and 2003)

11 AM – 1 PM

(born 2004 and 2005)

8 AM – 10 AM


Sunday, January 27th

(born 2001 and 2002)

11 AM – 1 PM

(born 2003 and 2004)

8 AM – 10 AM


  1. The 2019 USAV HP Championships is scheduled for July 18-22, 2019 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  
  2. The number of teams that Aloha Region will field this year will be determined by the turnout.
  3. Register by using the links by no later than Thursday, 01/24/19, 10 pm.
  4. The cost will be $20 and it will be collected with the medical release form at check in.  

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