Top 10 Teams

01. Ku’ikahi 18 Wahine RoSamBo

02. Na Keiki Mauloa 18 Aven

03. Na Keiki Mauloa 17 Pono

04. Hana Hou 18 Lynden

05. Laule’a 18 Black

06. Na Keiki Mauloa 16

07. Spike and Serve 16 Red

08. Aloha State 18

09. Ka Ulukoa 17 Black

10. Maunalani 17 Duke


Lanikai 16 Kea, Hana Hou 18 Jarrett, Spike and Serve 18 Red, RVCH 17, HI Intensity 18


In the future, we hope to have some write-ups to go along with the rankings. For this first edition though, we’re just posting the rankings. Also, please keep in mind these rankings pertain to the Aloha Region and not the State of Hawaii. If we were including other regions, Pilipa’a 18s would certainly have gotten a nod in the rankings. They’re a top 5 for sure. However, we do not get to see teams from the neighboring islands very often so it’s hard to add them into the rankings.

Do you agree or disagree with the rankings? Respectful comments welcome!

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