2020 WL 2018

Prepvolleyball.com released its 2020 watch list today and some of our local players made the list. For the full post and to get all the latest on juniors volleyball throughout the country, we recommend getting a subscription. (https://prepvolleyball.com)

Nominations for the list were provided by club directors and coaches that were asked to nominate players of interest in their region or neighboring areas, not players associated with their own clubs. So if you made the list, others are watching and noticing!

Note: PVB  has posted the following request: For any coach that did not respond to our requests or did not receive our requests and wish to be part of the process, please email Chris Tobolski for further instructions.

Congratulations to the following athletes…

  • Keonilei Akana
  • Tiani Bello
  • Falanika Danielson
  • Tara De Sa
  • Maluhia Ma’a
  • Elena Oglivie
  • Naniloa Spaar
  • Anastasia Tuifua

2021 will be released soon and we’ll post any local results on our website.

As always, please feel free to share!

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