An investment in your child

The sports experience is about much more than just learning to play a game to 25. It's about all the invaluable lessons that go with it. It's about being supportive of others and being a good teammate. It's about confidence building, learning how to cope with pressure, and how to deal with conflict. It's about developing leadership skills. It's about exploring personal boundaries, expanding them, and experiencing that sense of accomplishment that comes with it. It's about learning how to summon the courage to give all of yourself even in the face of failure. It's about maturing as a person and acquiring skills that will serve a critical role in life.


When investing in your child's future, you want them to be surrounded by good people that have their interest at heart. You want responsible people that are interested in helping your child navigate the journey. Caring people. Humble people. Passionate people. Honest people. In short, role models. 


We're not perfect, but we're confident we're going to deliver a solid return on your investment. Oh, and by the way, your child will leave the gym a better player. We actually do the volleyball thing pretty well too!


With Aloha,


Lee Lamb


sensible plans with solid returns

Choose from our menu of services to build your own personalized plan. Everyone starts with a Basic Plan. From there you can add-on services to build a customized package that works best for you. If you are part of a travel team, you are also responsible for estimated travel expenses (defined below).

Basic Plan

$280 per month

What's included...

  • Team Practices 

    1.5 hour practices twice a week

  • Coaching Stipends

    Head and Assistant Coach

  • USAV & AAU Registration

    Memberships with governing bodies

  • Equipment

    Balls, carts, and other training equipment

Not included...

  • Uniforms

    Mandatory Nike package; Mizuno jersey

  • Local Tournament Fees

    Pay as you go for all local events

  • Travel Expenses

    See the section below for more info

  Customize your investment by adding any of the following...

Positional Training

What's included...

Package highlights...

  • 3 Types of Training

    Libero, Setter, and Hitter

  • 12+ Sessions Monthly

    We have 3-6 positional training scheduled every week

  • Mix and Match

  • Deeply Discounted

What's included...

Package highlights...

  • Deeply Discounted


$375 1x payment


  1. This can be purchased at any time during the season at this discounted rate.
  2. The subscription ends on 11/1 of every year, regardless of when it's purchased.

What's included...

  • SportsRecruits

    Annual subscription to the best recruiting platform around!

  • Video Library

    A comprehensive A to Z guide that provides critical insight into the recruiting process.

  • Recruiting Essentials

    A library of resources that helps you save valuable time.

Package highlights...

  • Deeply Discounted

    Normally $797 a year. 


a couple of instances that deserve extra consideration, and thanks


  • We appreciate loyalty!
  • If you've been with us more than 3 years, the first month of your Basic Plan is free!


  • Have more than 1 child playing for Ka Ulukoa?
  • First child is full price; each additional child is 50% off


a simple, transparent, and equitable process 

We set a budget for mid-season and end of the year travel to national venues based on years of precedence. From there, we use a sliding scale to distribute the cost evenly amongst team members. (See the chart below).


Once travel is completed, we reconcile expenses and issue a summary. If we come in under budget, we give you a refund. If we go over the budget, we ask families to pay the difference.


Included: tournament entry fee, rental vehicle(s), accommodations, groceries, staff airfare, staff per diem, gyms fees, and incidentals


Excluded: player airfare (save money if you can by using points, miles, buddy passes, etc.)


Mid-Season trips include national qualifiers, showcases, etc. They are typical 5 days in duration.

9 Players

10 Players

11 Players

End of Season

End of the Season trips include National Championship events. They are typically 7 days in duration.

9 Players

10 Players

11 Players

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