An investment in your child

Basic Plan

$280 per month

What's included...

  • Team Practices 

    1.5 hour practices twice a week

  • Coaching Stipends

    Head and Assistant Coach

  • USAV & AAU Registration

    Memberships with governing bodies

  • Equipment

    Balls, carts, and other training equipment

Not included...

  • Uniforms

    Mandatory Nike package; Mizuno jersey

  • Local Tournament Fees

    Pay as you go for all local events

  • Travel Expenses

    See the section below for more info

  Customize your investment by adding any of the following...

Positional Training

What's included...

Package highlights...

  • 3 Types of Training

    Libero, Setter, and Hitter

  • 12+ Sessions Monthly

    We have 3-6 positional training scheduled every week

  • Mix and Match

  • Deeply Discounted

What's included...

Package highlights...

  • Deeply Discounted


$375 1x payment


  1. This can be purchased at any time during the season at this discounted rate.
  2. The subscription ends on 11/1 of every year, regardless of when it's purchased.

What's included...

  • SportsRecruits

    Annual subscription to the best recruiting platform around!

  • Video Library

    A comprehensive A to Z guide that provides critical insight into the recruiting process.

  • Recruiting Essentials

    A library of resources that helps you save valuable time.

Package highlights...

  • Deeply Discounted

    Normally $797 a year. 


a couple of instances that deserve extra consideration, and thanks


  • We appreciate loyalty!
  • If you've been with us more than 3 years, the first month of your Basic Plan is free!


  • Have more than 1 child playing for Ka Ulukoa?
  • First child is full price; each additional child is 50% off


a simple, transparent, and equitable process 

We set a budget for mid-season and end of the year travel to national venues based on years of precedence. From there, we use a sliding scale to distribute the cost evenly amongst team members. (See the chart below).


Once travel is completed, we reconcile expenses and issue a summary. If we come in under budget, we give you a refund. If we go over the budget, we ask families to pay the difference.


Included: tournament entry fee, rental vehicle(s), accommodations, groceries, staff airfare, staff per diem, gyms fees, and incidentals


Excluded: player airfare (save money if you can by using points, miles, buddy passes, etc.)


Mid-Season trips include national qualifiers, showcases, etc. They are typical 5 days in duration.

9 Players

10 Players

11 Players

End of Season

End of the Season trips include National Championship events. They are typically 7 days in duration.

9 Players

10 Players

11 Players

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