AGES 12 – 14
Saturday, October 13
6:00 – 7:30 PM


Ka Ulukoa is dedicated to developing a strong foundation for athletes that make a 14 and under team. In an era of specialization, we are the antithesis. Our goal is to teach young players all aspects of the game and not a small portion of it. How many times have you seen teams with rosters of 10 or better where only 6 or 7 are getting time on the court? And more importantly, where only 2 are learning certain positions or skill sets?

We want every kid in our program to learn how to serve-receive, dig, set, serve, attack, etc. At this age, we’re committed to making sure they have an opportunity to play both front row and back row, not just one or the other. We feel strongly that the point of club volleyball, at this age, should be to foster a love and passion for the game while also instilling strong fundamental skills and knowledge.

Bottom line is this…we do not want to pigeonhole you before you even make it to high school; instead, we want to provide the foundation that’ll allow you to be exceptional in high school and beyond.

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