6 installments of $390.00 per month (via recurring invoice); or
$2,150.00 (1x payment) ~ 10% SAVINGS

GIRLS 15 – 17

6 installments of $430.00 per month (via recurring invoice); or
$2,350.00 (1x payment) ~ 10% SAVINGS

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When looking at the costs associated with club volleyball, we encourage you to compare apples to apples. KAULUKOA’s price includes everything but uniforms and travel! We use the same jersey style and print every year, so we’ve moved to an a la carte system for our uniform package. Players are still required to wear Mizuno gear, but we let you decide where to buy it and how much of it to buy. The following expenses are included in our dues – gym fees, local tournament entry fees, coaching stipends, USAV and AAU registration fees, and equipment.


KAULUKOA’s dues include the following:

  • Gym Fees
  • Local Tournament Entry Fees (up to $1000/team)
  • USAV and AAU Registration
  • Coaching Stipends
  • Equipment (Balls, Carts, etc.)
  • Athlete’s on 15u – 18u teams also get…
    • SportsRecruits Account (Online Recruiting Platform that gives every college coach in the nation access to your profile and vice versa)

A la carte items include the following Mizuno gear:

  • sublimated jerseys, shorts/tights, knee pads, socks, shoes, practice shirts, warm-ups (tops and bottoms), backpack, and arm sleeves



Boys (All Ages)  |  Girls 12 – 14  |  Girls 18
6 installments of $390.00 per month (via recurring invoice); or
$2,150.00 (1x payment) ~ 10% SAVINGS

Girls 15 – 17
6 installments of $430.00 per month (via recurring invoice); or
$2,350.00 (1x payment) ~ 10% SAVINGS

Estimated Travel Expenses (ETE)
Travel expenses will be calculated by using a sliding scale. After years of cost averaging, we’ve found that Qualifiers typically cost around $10,000.00 per team while Junior Nationals come in around $12,000.00 per team. Since team size can vary, a sliding scale will be used to calculate the amount that will be collected for each venue. The scale is as follows:

Estimated Travel Expense

Roster Size


9 10 11




$ 1,250.00

$ 1,115.00 $ 1,000.00 $ 910.00

$ 835.00



$ 1,500.00

$ 1,330.00 $ 1,200.00 $ 1,090.00

$ 1,000.00

Estimated Travel Expenses include, but are not limited to, tournament registration fees, staff per diem, gym fees (practice site), staff airfare, player and staff accommodations, player/staff rental vehicles, parking, and food.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Player airfare is not included in the ETE. Group arrangements will be made through a travel agent and each family will be responsible for submitting payment to the travel agent or paying on their own if they choose not to travel with the group.

The ETE is an estimate only. At the conclusion of each trip, we will summarize the actual cost and either issue you a credit (refund) or ask for the difference.

All fees, dues and estimated travel expenses, will be invoiced and sent at the very beginning of the season. Although all invoices are sent out at the very beginning of the season, the payment schedule and due dates are as follows:

Boys (All Ages)

    – Installment Plan: Every month for 6 months starting on September 15
    – 1x Payment: September 15

    – Payments: October 1 and November 1

    – Payments: January 1 and February 1

Girls 12 – 14

    – Installment Plan: Every month for 6 months starting on November 1
    – 1x Payment: November 1

  Qualifier (optional 14U)
    – Payments:  December 1 and January 1

    – Payments: February 1 and March 1

Girls 15 – 18

    – Installment Plan: Every month for 6 months starting on November 15
    – 1x Payment: November 15

  Qualifier or Vegas
    – Payments: November 15 and December 15

  Nationals or End of Season Event
    – Payments: February 1 and March 1

Payments not received by their due date will be assessed a $50 late fee. In addition, players with delinquent accounts will not be allowed to train or compete until payment has been received.

Note: accounts are considered delinquent if payment for dues and/or travel has not been received by the due date.

Team dues and travel payments are non-refundable.

The parent or legal guardian will be responsible for payments when due even if the player voluntarily withdraws or is discharged by the KAULUKOA Director.

Note: the reason we make travel payments non-refundable is so that we can protect the families that do travel. Someone pulling out after they made a commitment to travel can have a large impact on the financial obligation of those that do.

Exception: An athlete that suffers a season-ending injury. When applicable, the Board of Directors will meet to decide the remaining financial obligation of the athlete or the organization.

In the event any action is taken, whether by court proceeding or otherwise, to collect any sum or sums which may become due under the terms of this Contract, the undersigned promises to pay in addition to any amounts owed, all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees of 25% of the unpaid balance, and other expenses incurred by KAULUKOA.

Any player with an outstanding balance on July 31 of the season that just concluded will have 45 days to bring their account current. If the account balance is not paid within that time, KAULUKOA will turn the account over to a debt collection agency and your name will be added to our “Outstanding Accounts” page on the KAULUKOA website. Any names listed will remain until the balance has been paid.

Note: The Outstanding Accounts page is a way for other clubs to identify families that have delinquent accounts with us. We feel strongly that it’s important to try and help protect the financial health of our organization and other organizations like us. We, juniors volleyball clubs, are all competitors by nature, but I think it’s fair to say that we’re all trying to have a positive impact on our youth and the community. That’s worth preserving, even if we draw criticism for the policy.

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