NCAA Division I Recruiting Changes

DI Council adopts rules to curb early recruiting Changes more closely align with college decision timeline for student body April 19, 2019 11:13amMichelle Brutlag Hosick A student-athlete’s college search will more closely align with that of the general student body...

Rolling: A Transitional Technique

Rolling, it’s a technique that’s been phased out by many and replaced with diving and sprawling. Personally, I think they all have their place in the game and should be taught to young players. I’m sure there are valid points and counterpoints for...
HI Team Results – PDW 2019

HI Team Results – PDW 2019

It’s late and I’m tired. It’s been a long weekend for sure. I’ll come back and edit the post later, but for now, I just wanted to throw out the results President’s Day Weekend. I think 51 teams traveled over the weekend to compete in...
Top 10 – Teams Edition – Feb2019

Top 10 – Teams Edition – Feb2019

Top 10 Teams 01. Ku’ikahi 18 Wahine RoSamBo02. Na Keiki Mauloa 18 Aven03. Na Keiki Mauloa 17 Pono04. Hana Hou 18 Lynden05. Laule’a 18 Black06. Na Keiki Mauloa 1607. Spike and Serve 16 Red08. Aloha State 1809. Ka Ulukoa 17 Black10. Maunalani 17 DukeON THE...
Team Rankings-020119

Team Rankings-020119

18s 1. Ku’ikahi 18 Wahine RoSamBo2. Na Keiki Mauloa 18 Aven3. Hana Hou 18 Lynden4. Laule’a 18 Black5. Spike and Serve 18 RedON THE BUBBLEAloha State 18, Hawaiian Style 18, Ta’ahine 18, HI Intensity 18, Hana Hou 18 Jarrett  17s 1. Na Keiki Mauloa 17...

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