Bettering the lives of the youth we serve.

Established in 2007, Ka Ulukoa is true to its name. It's an organization that's always evolving and striving to be the best version of itself.


Although we have a storied and decorated past, we operate in the present. We know today's actions impact tomorrow's outcomes, not yesterday's success.  We are humble, driven, passionate, and every member's goals are as important to us as they are to them.


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to prepare young people for what comes next

Every journey is different, but our goal is the same. We want our time together to be meaningful. We want our members to be prepared for the next level, whatever that may be. For some, the next level is making the varsity team in high school. For others, it's to play for a NCAA Division I program. Whatever your next level is, we're here to guide you on your journey. 


More than 90% go on to play in college

2021 graduates? 100% success rate


our philosophy on development

We start with the end in mind and prioritize learning, development, and character. This long-term outlook helps ensure that we provide athletes with the guidance they need to achieve their end goals. As a college-prep program, this is our primary focus, to help our members attain success when it matters most, at the highest scholastic level and beyond.


We use eight key concepts to drive development. The first 4 concepts are the cornerstones of our program and pertain to our 14 and under athletes. As athletes get older, we move towards concepts that are more appropriate for their cognitive and physical abilities.

Every Player, Every Skill

This continues to be a Ka Ulukoa cornerstone. Every athlete learns to pass, serve, set, attack, dig, and block.

Well Balanced Players

We want kids to learn how to play a variety of positions and to gain experience in both the front and back row. 

Learn to Train

Members learn to be deliberate, supportive, anticipate responsibilities, give their best effort, hustle, and evaluate processes. 

Development and Winning

We strive to win, but our main emphasis at this stage is on the development of skills, basic team systems, and game IQ.


Specialization provides an opportunity to learn about positional nuances, which allows us to  compete at higher levels.

Advanced Systems

Once members can execute skills with proficiency, we explore more complex offensive and defensive systems/concepts. 


Upperclassmen start facilitating their own practices. Coaches continue to teach, but athletes take on more responsibilities. 

Critical Thinking

An astute mind is required when competing at a high level. We encourage analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of the game.


driven by a passion to compete


12 Gold Medals

2 Silver Medals

4 Bronze Medals

16 Top 10 Finishes

37 All-Tournament Team Selections

5 All-Tournament MVP Selections


41 D-I Championship Appearances

17 D-II Championship Appearances

18 Star-Advertiser Fab 15 Selections

12 D-I All-Tournament Selections

7 D-II All-Tournament Selections

7 Player of the Year Honors




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